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Aug 9, 2009 2:55pm EDT
it for the out. mora halfway back to first. we want to send out birthday wishes today to bret ebel at home in baltimore celebrating his 13th birthday, son of orioles assistant trainer brian ebel and his wife nancy. he is 13 years old today. >> buck: that's a big one. he becomes a teenager. >> jim: i remember when he was in a stroller. that just means i'm getting old. 2 down. and reimold in to bat for andino. mora with a walk, he is now at first with two down. there is a strike. reimold was given today off with halladay pitching. it would have been his third straight day on this artificial turf. no lan has a three-game hitting streak going. he has four hits on the road trip. strike 2. so frasor battling his command here but he is a strike away from ending it. 0-2 on nolan reimold. and it's inside. >> buck: reimold has really developed a good eye, the ability to take those borderline pitches. you don't see him take an awful lot of wild swings, even though he has a chance to be a pretty decent power hitter. >> jim: 1-2 the count on reimold. mora will run and that's inside, 2-2. an appeal to f
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Aug 9, 2009 7:00am EDT
this season in the nfl, and brett favre says he's retired and vick want a home, who does play sooner. >> bret has options. i'm not sure michael has options right now. i think there are a lot more terms interested in michael than they are letting on. >> dave: i want to talk about last super bowl, very entertaining, steelers-cardinals and who do you think goes back and who will we be watching in super bowl 44. >> in the nfc, a little more wide open, i look at the giant as a team that is reload and eli has the new deal, $97 million! >> dave: must be nice. >> million dollars, is must be really nice and i made 38 grand my reich year. >> dave: and now your son makes a little more than that, he was the second pick of the rams'. >> he picked up dinner this summer a couple of times actually, which was a refreshing change. >> dave: he was on our show talking about the pressure of being your son, and how do you weigh your role in terms of you want to pass on lessons you have learned, but you don't want to be overimposing. >> i always try to be back in the shadows. when it comes to his time. because it i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2